Mission, Vision and Values

We see our human resources policies acting as determinants in the process for developing our teams, while our culture statement reflects the values of the organization and stablishes the behavioral and professional conduct guideline desired.


What is Wiz’s way of doing business?

  • We Foster Opportunities.
  • Understand business and people.
  • Identify opportunities and implement solutions.
  • Enable businesses and encounters.

Which emotion does Wiz awaken in its employees?

  • Valuable relationships.
  • Energy to cooperate.
  • Freedom to take chances.
  • It can always get better.

What relevance does Wiz offer to its clients?

  • The ideal Combination.
  • Create precise solutions where everyone wins.
  • People and technology for positive impact.
  • Surprising experience.

How does Wiz inspire and relates to society?

  • The Age of Encounter.
  • Comprises contexts.
  • Connects businesses and people.
  • Whenever needed, whatever needed.

To offer the ideal combination of financial and insurance services to meet clients’ needs, creating remarkable experiences.


To become a brand recognized in the field for the distribution of financial and insurance services that better connects the needs of clients and partners.

  • We deliver the best experience to our customers.
  • We innovate to generate results with positive impacts.
  • We work as a team and value creative thinking and proactive people.
  • We establish ethical and socially responsible connexions.
  • We are beta; we always seek the best version of ourselves.