The Corporate Operation works with a specialized sales force outside the CAIXA branches, offering integrated and customized solutions for large companies in their projects and investments, guaranteeing the best service delivery, with products aligned to the needs of differentiated operations, generating value for people and businesses. The sales of these products originate both outside CAIXA’s environment and through indications made at the bank’s branches and superintendencies.

Selling special risk insurance is an advisory process as it depends on actuarial specifications regarding the underwriting risks to be accepted by the insurer. As a result of a more complex sales process, commission rates are often higher than the bancassurance products.

In this category, we sell products from other insurers. The main products marketed by us are:

(i) various guarantees;

(ii) rural insurance;

(iii) group life;

(iv) civil liability; and

(v) property.

The Corporate Operation accounted for 8% of our gross revenue in 2017.¹