Executive Board

In accordance with our Bylaws, the Executive Board comprises at least 3 (three) members, including a Chief Executive Officer, an Executive Officer and a Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, with unified term of office of 1 (one) year, reelection being permitted.

The responsibilities of the Executive Board include:

i. Representing the Company before third parties;

ii. Ensuring compliance with the law and the Company’s Bylaws;

iii. Coordinating the performance of the Company’s activities, by implementing guidelines and monitoring compliance with the resolutions of the Stockholders’ Meetings and the Board of Directors’ Meetings; and

iv. Managing the Company’s business.

Professional experience of the members of the Executive Board:
Heverton Pessoa de Melo Peixoto – CEO and Investor Relations Officer
Mr. Heverton Pessoa de Melo Peixoto holds a Bachelor´s degree in Civil Engineering from UnB (Universidade de Brasília), a MBA and a Masters In Finances levels from Insead, France. Mr. Peixoto has a 15-year expertise in several industries, including 4 years as Executive Director for Wiz Corporate and 1 year as Digital Transformation Director for Wiz. Prior joining the company, he also worked as consultant at McKinsey & Company from 2008 to 2013, when he had the opportunity to actively participate on strategic projects to Latin America banking industry. Heverton Peixoto started his career with Rede Esho/Grupo Amil, acquiring relevant expertise on the supplementary health and insurance industry.
Marcus Vinícius de Oliveira – CFO
Marcus Vinícius de Oliveira Mr. Marcus Vinícius de Oliveira has a degree in Legal Sciences and Technical degree in Administration, having several MBAs and a postgraduate degree in Law. He started his management career as Administrative and Financial Superintendent (1993-1996) and later as Executive Director (1996-2002) at Fenae Corretora-. During the period from 2002 to 2012, he worked as Tax Auditor for the Federal District’s Treasury Department. Mr. Marcus also was the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors (2007-2009) of the Fiscal Council (2010) of BRB CARD SA and Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of BRB ADMINISTRADORA E CORRETORA DE SEGUROS SA (2011 ). He is currently a member of the Fiscal Council of INADCON Assessoria Condominial S / S Ltda.