How should I proceed to obtain individual shareholders’ earnings report for income tax purposes?

Wiz shares were booked by Banco Bradesco S.A. until the year ended 2021, which has as one of its attributions to issue and make available the annual reports for income tax return purposes to the Company’s shareholders.

As of this year 2022, the earnings reports on book-entry assets of the issuers that are members of the Bradesco Bookkeeping System will no longer be sent in printed form, but will be exclusively available in digital format.

In order to access said document, investors must access the Digital Documents Portal – PDD (, a platform created to allow the viewing, printing and downloading of documents in a fully digital format, according to the procedures below:

1) On the portal, click on First Access;

2) Enter your CPF and date of birth. In the case of a Legal Entity, enter your CNPJ and date of foundation;

3) To verify your identity, choose one of the options: phone number or e-mail;

4) Enter the code you received and create your password

5) Done! Your access has been created. Just enter your CPF or CNPJ and the password you registered.

Moreover, for Wiz shareholders who are Bradesco account holders, you can still consult and issue the Earnings Report directly through Internet Banking/Investments/Consultations. In Book Entry Assets, select the option Consultation Income Report – 2nd copy.