Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is essential for the granting of home loans. The purchase of mortgage Insurance is mandatory in Brazil when a client obtains a home loan. The product includes two types of coverage:

Death or permanent disability insurance: This insurance guarantees that in the event of the death or disability of the insured, the home financing contract will be settled by the insurer.

The cost of this life insurance changes depending on the age of the contracting party at the time the financing contract is signed, and on age classification adjustments that take place every five years.

Physical property damage: This insurance protects against structural damage to property, and its cost is based on CAIXA’s assessment of the value of the property.

The commission revenue from mortgage insurance represents a significant strategic advantage for us, given that the stream of long-term payments generates a revenue stock, meaning that sales originated in previous years are even more relevant than new sales in terms of brokerage revenues, thus affording us a more predictable revenue stream.