P&C (Auto, Residential Property and Business Multi-Risk)

P&C comprises three product lines:

Auto: Caixa Seguradora Auto Insurance provides basic coverage for collision, fire, theft, robbery, personal injury and property damage caused to third parties. Additional coverage for windows and courtesy car, among others, may be added to the insurance policy. Our performance in selling auto insurance has contributed significantly to sustaining the growth levels of this product for Caixa Seguradora, given that purchases of Auto Insurance by clients frequently take place outside bancassurance channels. Accordingly, our remote distribution channels play a strategic role in the sale and renewal of auto insurance.

Residential Property: This product consists of insurance coverage to residential property owners. CAIXA’s environment provides great growth potential for residential property insurance, since CAIXA’s brand is strongly associated with mortgage. As it is a product that is renewable annually, it creates a long-term relationship with the client.

Business Multi-Risk: Business Multi-Risk Insurance is property insurance for corporate clients. The product offers a wide range of coverage to policyholders, above and beyond basic coverage for fire and explosion. Additional coverage can be included based on the business segment of the insured company. In addition, with the strengthening of the market for revolving credit to companies, several financial institutions have been requiring insurance coverage for transactions to guarantee business continuity.