Special Risks and Other Products

This group comprises the following products:

Special Risks: We commercialize special risks products through one of our subsidiaries. The sales of these products are originated both outside CAIXA’s environment, as well as through referrals made by the bank’s branches and its departments. The process of selling special risks insurance is consultative, and it depends on actuarial specifications regarding the underwriting risks to be accepted by the insurer. Since the sales process is more complex, the commission rates are usually higher than for bancassurance products. In this category, we sell products from other insurers outside CAIXA’s distribution channels, and the main products we sell are: (i) Various Warranties; (ii) Completion of Construction; (iii) Group Life; and (iv) Rural Insurance.

Other Products: This group includes commission revenue from the sale of three kinds of products: pension, consortium and capitalization plans. These products represent a small portion of our revenue and their main characteristic is the fact that in many cases they can serve as substitutes for traditional financial products such as savings, mortgage and investments.