How do I invest in shares of Wiz?

Pursuant  to current rules, investors shall always purchase or sell shares through institutions authorized to act as members of the distribution system. Currently, for example, only brokerage firms and security distributors are authorized to operate on securities, commodities and futures exchanges and organized over-the-counter markets.

Therefore, investors interested in buying or selling shares of Wiz must first register with an authorized brokerage firm or distributor. The complete list of brokerage firms and distributors of securities is available on the CVM website and the list of brokerage firms can also be found on the BM&FBOVESPA  website.

The intermediary will request clients to provide all the minimum information necessary for registration and other necessary regulatory procedures. Investors are required to update this information, when necessary. After this stage is completed, investors will be able to trade in regulated securities markets.

It is suggested that investors study the stock market more deeply before they begin investing. In addition to the content and courses available on the website of  the BM&FBOVESPA, the following websites may be helpful:



Source: CVM – Investor Portal

On which stock exchanges are Wiz shares traded and what is the Company’s ticker?

Our shares are only traded on the BM&FBOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Exchange), under the ticker WIZS3.

We are listed in the Novo Mercado special corporate governance segment, the highest level of differentiated corporate governance practices.

What is the depository institution of Wiz shares and what are its responsibilities?

The financial institution contracted to provide bookkeeping and custody services for Wiz shares is Banco Bradesco S.A.

Wiz shareholder service is available at any branch of Bradesco S.A., and shareholders must present themselves with identification documents. The head office of Banco Bradesco S.A. is located at Cidade de Deus, s/n, Prédio Amarelo Velho, 2º andar, Osasco, São Paulo.

Bradesco S.A. will provide the following services to our shareholders:

– Issue of shareholding position statements;

– Registration data updates (address, banking details, etc.);

– Annual earnings reports for income tax purposes;

– Notice of shareholder payouts;

– Exercise of rights (subscription, withdrawal, etc.).

How can I monitor the price of Wiz shares?

You can monitor the price of our shares in the Quotes section of our investor relations website. If you want to compare our shares with other indexes, such as the Ibovespa, please access the Quotes and Charts section in the Investor Services menu. The quotes have a 15-minute delay.

How should I proceed to obtain individual shareholders’ earnings report for income tax purposes?

Banco Bradesco S.A. is responsible for the bookkeeping of Wiz shares. Its duties include issuing and providing the Company’s shareholders with annual earnings reports for income tax purposes.

The earnings reports are mailed to shareholders whose current address is listed in the registration data provided to the brokerage firm.

A copy of the earnings report will be available at Bradesco’s branch network. Investors only need to present their personal documents and request the issuance of the document.

Wiz shareholders who are Bradesco account holders can obtain a copy of the earnings report on Banco Bradesco’s website in the Home Broker area / my account / book-entry asset position / earnings report copy.

What are the procedures for changing shareholders’ registration data?

Shareholders are responsible for keeping their registration data up-to-date. They should request the brokerage firm to make all necessary changes, following the institution’s specific procedure. Once the registration data are changed at the brokerage firm, the shareholder’s data are automatically updated at the BM&FBovespa and on the database of our bookkkeeping agent, Banco Bradesco. Shareholders are advised to keep their registration data and addresses up-to-date to ensure that they receive the latest information.

How and where does Wiz disclose its information?

All the Company’s material facts, earnings releases and other notices to the market are disclosed simultaneously at the CVM and the investor relations area of ​​the Company’s website (www.wizsolucoes.com.br/ri), and subsequently e-mailed to those who register to receive such information. Please click here to register.

The complete financial statements are published every year in “Diário Oficial do Distrito Federal” and “Jornal de Brasília” newspapers. The quarterly financial statements, earnings releases, presentations, material facts and notices to shareholders are available in the investor relations area of the Company’s website (www.wizsolucoes.com.br/ri). For more information, please refer to the websites of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (www.bmfbovespa.com.br) and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (www.cvm.gov.br).

How many shares does Wiz have?

Wiz has 159,907,282 shares.

Where can I find information on dividend distribution?

Click here for the Financial Information section > Dividends to access the Company’s dividend policy and dividend payment history.

How can I contact Wiz’s Investor Relations Area?

You can contact our Investor Relations area through the IR Team section of our website. There you will find a form to send your message/question via e-mail and the team’s telephone number.

How does Wiz recognize revenue?

Wiz recognizes revenue upon payment of the insurance policy installments. This means that the Company is entitled to receive commission as customers pay the insurance policy installments.

Wiz is compensated for its brokerage activities based on the commission percentage agreed upon with the insurance companies for each product on the insurance policy premium paid. This premium is deducted from reversals related to canceled policies whose commissions were paid in previous months, if applicable.

The brokerage commission is paid to Wiz based on the characteristics of each product, which may range from single and monthly payments and terms to one-year or longer terms.