We believe that our strength comes from people. They are at the heart of our operations and the core of our business. We also have a responsibility to promote a more egalitarian society and to build an ethical and socially responsible ecosystem. For this reason, we have adopted the purpose of encouraging the development of people so they can fly higher and build a better society.

We define the social theme as a priority for our sustainability actions, where we see greater materiality in relation to our businesses, contributing to the construction of a more responsible society.

In this context, we focus on promoting diversity and social inclusion, unfolding on issues of social vulnerability, gender equity, racial inclusion, inclusion of people with disabilities and the LGBTQIA + group.

Corporate Programs

Wiz is connected to diversity! We value people with vision and action, regardless of their experiences and personal characteristics, reinforcing our commitment to representativeness, diversity and elimination of prejudice on a daily basis.

This purpose is part of our legacy, since we believe that behind successful businesses there are people recognized and valued in their individualities.

In order for us to truly be free to create and act, in 2017 we created “Connect yourself”(Ligue-se), our diversity league, formed voluntarily by members of various Wiz Business Units, in multiple hierarchical positions, to study, propose and help us implement social inclusion mechanisms.

In terms of gender equity, we highlight our Boost Her (Acelera Ela) program, started in 2019, which aims to promote and develop the careers of our female employees.

By the end of 2019, 63% of Wiz’s staff and 50% of the leadership were women. Of this leadership, we had 6 female Directors (37% of the total) and 2 members of the Board of Directors (22% of the collegiate).

In recognition of these efforts, in 2019 we ranked 9th on Great Place to Work ® as a company that promotes the inclusion of employees in a balanced and fair manner.

Public Commitments

Our commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace was also marked by the signing of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, promoted by UN Women. With that, we actively commited to pursue gender equity, a battle of utmost importance to society.

Since 2018 we have been signatories of UN Women, and members of AMMS (Association of Women in the Insurance Market).


In 2019, we launched the Galt Project in partnership with Galt Vestibulares, a preparatory course for university entrance exams, aimed at low-income young people in Brazil’s Federal District. Its team is made up of 100% volunteer professionals. In addition to supporting specific actions such as events and training, our employees have the option to mentor one of these students for a semester.

In addition, some of our volunteer employees provide consulting services throughout the year to support the administrative team of the preparatory course.

As a result of this partnership, and in order to generate new opportunities, we created Galtz, which is an exclusive program for alumni of the prep course, where we give them the opportunity to be part of our internship team.


Since 2005, we have participated, as partners of our founding shareholder, the National Federation of Personnel Associations of CAIXA (FENAE), in the Solidarity Movement, a project that aims to develop regions in precarious conditions in a sustainable manner.

As part of this project, we have been operating since 2016 in the countryside town of Belágua-MA. The municipality has approximately 7 thousand people spread over 60 communities and had one of the lowest Human Development Indexes (HDI) in Brazil. With our continuous efforts, Belágua has already risen 88 positions in the HDI ranking and is no longer the poorest city in Brazil. Since the beginning of our participation in the Solidarity Movement in Belágua, we have already opened over 20 projects to improve the lives of the residents.

Another segment of the Solidarity Movement is the Children’s Home of Petrópolis, which we support and pay for the expenses of approximately 35 children, that are served full time. The childrens home offers child protection, education, activities and courses guided by psychologists.

For more information about our programs, please access our most recent Management Report here.