How do I invest in shares of Wiz?

Pursuant  to current rules, investors shall always purchase or sell shares through institutions authorized to act as members of the distribution system. Currently, for example, only brokerage firms and security distributors are authorized to operate on securities, commodities and futures exchanges and organized over-the-counter markets.

Therefore, investors interested in buying or selling shares of Wiz must first register with an authorized brokerage firm or distributor. The complete list of brokerage firms and distributors of securities is available on the CVM website and the list of brokerage firms can also be found on the B3 website (

The intermediary will request clients to provide all the minimum information necessary for registration and other necessary regulatory procedures. Investors are required to update this information, when necessary. After this stage is completed, investors will be able to trade in regulated securities markets.

It is suggested that investors study the stock market more deeply before they begin investing. In addition to the content and courses available on the website of  the B3, the following websites may be helpful:



Source: CVM – Investor Portal