Timeline – teste

FENAE CORRETORA foundation fulfilling the role to intermediate the insurance products between CAIXA and Caixa Seguradora. The company remained located in Rio de Janeiro for 30 years, maintaining insurance brokerage, business intermediation, and other management activities.
SASSE Seguradora became Grupo Caixa Seguros. CNP Assurance, a French corporation, by the acquisition of FUNCEF’ s shares, assumed the control of the Company, alongside CAIXA Econômica Federal.
FENAE CORRETORA´s HQ was transferred to Brasília. The Sales Assistant model was deployed.
Rebranding from FENAE Corretora de Seguros to PAR Corretora de Seguros in order to deploy the strategy of focusing on insurance brokerage activities.
GP Investimentos and Caixa Seguradora acquired equity from Wiz. PAR started a restructuring cycle envisioning sustainable growth and modernization to the business model.
IPO from PAR Corretora on June 15. Company shares started to be negotiated through the Novo Mercado from B3.
Creation of a Multi-Channel Platform, insourcing remote activities to the new branch in São Paulo.
New strategic guidance: PAR Corretora became Wiz. A company that identifies opportunities and deploys precise solutions, delivering the right service in the correct timing.
First M&A operation: acquired Finanseg, a company focused on Consortium sales. It was an important step to diversifying the distribution channels of the Company.
Launch of Zim, an app to insurance brokers. It´s a complete technological solution meant to insert the broker activities into the Digital Era.